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"My favorite place to go is somewhere I've never been. When I get there, I get this weightless feeling like I'm in freefall and suddenly I can't stop laughing."

My name is Jason Barnette, and I am an adventurous, thrill-seeking, little-bit-off-my-rocker travel writer and photographer. I never go anywhere without my camera as I travel across the Southeastern United States, and sometimes just a little bit beyond. There is nothing I will not do to capture a photo of a stunning landscape, vibrant sunset, epic thunderstorm, or peaceful location. When it's all done, I have amazing stories to tell and fantastic photos to sell. Oh, that rhymed.

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So I have a little story to tell you. Once upon a time, a guy decided to start a photography business. Okay it's not going to be one of those... Read more →
When I first began selling prints of my travel photography, I focused entirely on paper prints and canvas gallery wraps. But over time people kept asking, "Do you sell mugs?... Read more →
The new 2016 Southeastern Gallery Calendar is here! This year the calendar includes photography from Chicago to Chattanooga, the mountains to the beaches, and lots of stunning sunsets. The calendar... Read more →
Landscapes at Night: Photography Exhibition by Jason Barnette will premiere during an opening reception at Zazzy’z Coffee House in Abingdon, Virginia on Thursday, October 2, from 5-8 p.m. The exhibition... Read more →

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When I picked up my first 35mm film camera with the purpose of learning photography I had a lot of fun. I would carry that little camera along with a... Read more →
I almost didn't make it to the Bald River Falls. I was in one of those positions where I didn't have precise GPS navigation, and the directions I was given... Read more →
Every photo tells a story. Sometimes that story begins before the photo is captured. This is the tale of my adventure to capture a glorious sunrise photo at Botany Bay... Read more →
Silhouettes are a beautiful thing. If captured properly they are crisp and full of detail, and yet mysterious and simplistic. But they are also difficult to capture, which just makes... Read more →