Re-Branding as Jason Barnette Photography

June 20, 2016

news By: Jason Barnette

So I have a little story to tell you. Once upon a time, a guy decided to start a photography business. Okay it's not going to be one of those kinds of stories. This is a little story about a rebranding campaign that took me back to the beginning.

When I first decided to start a professional website to host my photography, I did as many photographers do: I used my name. That was in 2009. But by 2012 I was doing as much travel writing as I was photography, and decided "Jason Barnette Photography" no long suited me as a business name.

That is when I decided to create Southeastern Traveler. This new website had a dual focus on travel writing and travel photography, showcasing my work across the country. It was a good business name and I still use it today.

In 2014 I had the opportunity to present my first photography exhibition in the sleepy little tourism town of Abingdon, Virginia. This was my first exhibition so I wanted to really do it right and begin selling prints of my photography. I had been selling prints through Southeastern Traveler for a couple of years already, but I wanted something separate. So I created Southeastern Gallery. At the time I felt it was a good name that tied in with my travel writing and photography.

But then in mid-2016 I began to reconsider the name. Again. I know...I keep changing names, which can be a business killer if not handled properly. But looking down the road I was no longer sure if I wanted to go with Southeastern Gallery: Photography by Jason Barnette when I could simply go back to the beginning.

And that is exactly what I did. Just as this new website premieres using Shopify as my ecommerce platform I decided to go back to Jason Barnette Photography. My name is once again featured in my work, it is easy to remember (at least for me), and the name reveals the work: photography.

So now whenever you see Southeastern Gallery don't be confused and wonder if you have gone to the wrong website or maybe taken a wrong turn into the Twilight Zone. You are right where you are supposed to be. Now do some shopping and see what photo may look great on your wall!

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