Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between canvas, matte, and glossy prints?

Canvas prints are printed on archival quality canvas material, stretched across a wooden frame, and finished with a UV coating that prevents fading for 100 years. The wooden frames are 1.5" deep and the image stretches across the sides.

Matte prints are printed on archival paper and feature vibrant colors, but the final finish prevents the heavy glare from bright light sources.

Glossy prints are also printed on archival paper and feature vibrant colors, but also features better contrast. Glossy prints have a shiny finish that is appealing to some, and distracting to others.

What size prints are available?
For the best answer visit the Pricing page to see what sizes are available for each print media. 

Can I order a special print size?
I am sorry, but I cannot offer special print sizes. The printers and paper rolls I order are specific to the sizes I offer.

Can I get my print matted or framed?
No. At this time I only offer matted prints for sale at fine art festivals (click here to see my upcoming schedule).

What is the difference between an Open Edition and Limited Edition Print?

Open Edition prints are signed, but not numbered or limited, allowing me to sale an unlimited number of copies over the life of the image.

Limited Edition prints are signed, numbered, include a certificate of authenticity, and are limited to a combined run of 250. Once the limit has been reached, the image will be retired permanently. 

Why do Limited Edition Prints seem to get more expensive?
The price of Limited Edition Prints depends on the number left in the run. The fewer left in the run, the higher the price.


I can't find a photo I saw on your gallery website earlier. Can you help me?

I am always happy to help you locate a particular photo, but sometimes photos are retired. Once a photo is retired it will no longer be available for print or product purchases. You can email me with any questions you have about previous photos.



What is the difference between the Standard Edition and Collector's Edition books?

The Standard Edition comes just as it is printed. The Collector's Edition is signed and includes a free 8"x12" print from a small selection of photos featured in the book.


When can I buy the new annual calendar?

Pre-order sales for the new annual calendar begin July 1 each year, with regular sales beginning October 1. During the pre-order special you can purchase the calendar for $15 each with free shipping once they are available. After October 1 the calendars are $20 each with $8 shipping and handling per order.


What size mugs do you offer?

I offer three sizes. The 11 oz. is small and good for tea. The 15 oz. is the same diameter but taller and is good for coffee drinkers. The 20 oz. is the largest.


Can I order different size mugs in the special sets of 4?

No. The sets of 4 are packaged with the same size mug in each set.


Can I order a product featuring any photo I want?

No. I carefully plan which photos to use on certain products based on the size and composition of that photo. Not all photos work on all products.



What do you charge for shipping & handling?

Visit the Pricing page for this answer.


What do you charge for each print size?

Visit the Pricing page for this answer.



Who do you use for shipping?

I use UPS for shipping all prints and products within the United States.


How long does it take to ship an order?

I make all prints on demand to ensure you get the freshest, highest quality print possible. For that reason is takes about 1-3 weeks to produce a print and ship it. Products will typically ship in 1-3 days after production is finished.

Products will typically ship 5-7 business days after the order is processed.


How long does shipping take?

This really depends on where you live. All prints and products are shipped from my location in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Shipping can take anywhere from 1-5 business days to reach across the country.

Prints larger than 48" on the longest side are shipped inside custom-build wooden crates to protect the artwork. This requires the prints to be shipped as freight, and typically takes a little longer.



Do you accept returns?

I do, but there are some rules to follow during the return process. Visit the Return Policy page to read more about it.



Do you provide a tracking number with each order?

Yes. As soon as I have dropped the shipment off at the UPS facility I will email you with a tracking number.


My order hasn't arrived yet. What can I do?

The first step is to check with UPS using the tracking number provided. If they cannot give you a satisfactory answer, send me an email and I will track down your order. If it is lost I will file a claim with FedEx and immediately re-ship the order with no additional cost.


Can I cancel an order after placing it?

Yes. You can cancel at any time for a full refund. However, if you cancel the order after it has been shipped you will only receive a refund for the cost of prints, products, and taxes.



Where can I find your Fine Art Festival schedule?

Visit my Schedule page to read about my fine art festival and shooting schedules.



Do you have a physical location?

Not yet, but plans are in motion to open a physical gallery store within the next year. In the meantime you can find me at Fine Art Festivals, Craft Shows, and special appearances during the holiday shopping season.