Shipping & Handling

Canvas, Matte, and Glossy Prints

I offer free shipping & handling on all canvas, matte, and glossy prints less than 48" on the longest side. Visit the Shipping page to learn more about how these prints are shipped.

Prints 48" and longer on the longest side are shipped inside custom-built wooden crates to protect the artwork. Shipping & handling is priced on a custom basis per order for these print sizes. If you plan to purchase a print this size, please email me for details.


All products are packed and shipped via UPS in secure boxes. Pricing ranges from $10-$50, depending on the size of your purchase.

If you purchase prints and products together, you will only be charged for shipping on the products.


Open Edition Pricing
Size Matte/Glossy Canvas
8x12 $40 -
12x18 $80 -
16x24 $120 $250
20x30 $160 $300
24x36 $220 $350
32x48 - $400
- Unless otherwise noted as a Limited Edition print, all photos are Open Edition
- All Open Edition prints are signed, but not numbered
Panorama Pricing
Size Matte/Glossy Canvas
20x60 $40 $200
20x80 $50 -
20x100 $60 -
30x90 $80 -
30x120 $95 -
30x150 $110 -
- At this time I am only able to produce Canvas Gallery Wrap Panoramas,at a size of 20x60, however I will soon be able to offer the same print,size as available on matte
Limited Edition Pricing
Size Matte/Glossy Canvas
16x24 $80-$200 -
20x30 $120-$240 $300-$700
24x36 $160-$320 $400-$800
32x48 - $600-$1,000
20x60 - $350-$750
- Limited Edition Prints are limited to a total run of 100 prints per size and media
- All Limited Edition Prints are signed and numbered
- Pricing is determined by how many prints are left in the run (the fewer remaining, the higher the price)